Looking for someone to build your future website?

Desktop and Mobile websites / Responsive Design

I offer user-friendly customized website design to
meet your unique business and budget. For website options and pricing, please send me an email or through contact form. It is a fixed price, unless there are extraordinary circumstances where your requirements significantly change. 


  • Package contains static website, which includes non-manageable pages, mobile webdesign, sitemap, progressive web app.

  • ~ $500


  • Package includes pages where you can manage a part of them, mobile webdesign, database, sitemap, progressive webb app.

  • ~ $900


  • Package includes manageable pages and eCommerce features, mobile webdesign, database, sitemap, progressive web app.

  • Contact Us

Extra Services

$ 100 / integration

  • Instagram
  • Soundcloud
  • Twitter
  • Youtube channels
  • Social comments: Facebook, Disqus, Google
  • PayPal Shopping Cart
  • Basic SEO
  • robots.txt
  • sitemap
  • Cookies Alerts
  • GDPR Compliance
  • PWA
$ 15/month or
$ 150/year


  • Refactoring
  • Features ingration
  • Clean cache
  • Update code
  • Bug fixes
  • Upgrade framework
  • Monthly recurring payments – A monthly payment for work that requires an ongoing relationship with the customer, like site maintenance and monitoring. Typically, a monthly payment plan is based on a specific invoicing date every month with a grace period.
  • Annual recurring payments – Similar to monthly payments but on an annual basis. Annual plans are the opportunity to offer a discount to customers. We can use a quarterly or biannual cadence if that works better for the client.
  • Payment upon completion – Standard for the web design market, payment is rendered when the project is complete. Also called payment upon acceptance, this type of plan ensures that both parties are satisfied with the results before payment is made.
  • Split payments – Split the payments in two, 50% at the beginning of the project and 50% at the end.
  • Payment per feature – Per-feature payment plan for larger projects that will take a considerable amount of time. Instead of working through to the end of a big website build, the client will pay based on the individual features we create over time.

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